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Persian Seismic Retrofitting Institute
Perpetual Office of International Conferences on Seismic Retrofitting (ICSR)

ICSR Profile

Iran is one of the highly disaster-prone countries in the world. Every year thousands of people are being affected by the earthquake and other natural disasters; and they become hopeless by losing their family members, relatives, and entire properties. Therefore, planning to reduce human and financial losses during earthquakes and other natural disasters is very important in this country.

Successful disaster reduction strategies involve careful efforts to combine knowledge, technology, expertise, institutional capacities, management skills, and practical experience for optimum results, which would not be possible without proper collaboration between the two key players: state and civil society. The state can effectively link up knowledge, technology, skills, resources, expertise offered by specialist institutions with grassroots experience, organizational capacity, participatory management skills, and community based initiatives of NGOs for disaster reduction. NGOs can be innovative, rooted to the ground, and participatory in their approach while government can replicate best practices for larger impact.
Today, NGOs play an important role in disaster response and mitigation in different regions. Many international NGOs specifically focus on providing humanitarian aid to disaster victims. 
ICSR with a history of more than 15 years, is one of the successful NGO in the field of reducing the effects of natural disasters, which with its actions has been able to take very effective steps in increasing public awareness alongside government institutions.

ICSR in Iran has played an active role in Retrofitting and disaster risk management in recent years. 

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