Scientific Committee

This committee consists of prominent members of both academia and scientific society from Iran and other country. These are accomplished researchers and scientists affiliated with premier educational and researching institutions around the world.

The Scientific Committee aims at encouraging basic, applied and developing ‎research conducted by the university students and engineers, researchers and institute members. This can be achieved ‎through setting research policies, offering rewards and giving priorities to the research that ‎serves the society. Therefore, the Scientific Committee bears the responsibility to help and ‎encourage scientists in producing applicable research and transfer their knowledge to experts and ‎university students and other future scholars.

Furthermore the Scientific Committee is an international advisory body of control and evaluation of the ICSR scientific activity, as foreseen by the ICSR Statute. It meets twice a year, analyzing the progress and development of the Institute scientific activity, and producing a written report with recommendations for the future.

It welcomes membership from renowned researchers, from all over the world contributory to research work and practice

The members of the Scientific Committee are the following:

Contact Info

No 64.1, Daneshsara Alley, Daneshsara Square, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Tell : +98 4135260927